December 8, 2020

New topics. New learnings.

New strategies for advancing community health.

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Social Determinants of Health Experience?

Purchase all 7 recordings from the Social Determinants of Health virtual experience for just $79 (20% off the attendee price) and reference the content on-demand.

About the Social Determinants of Health Virtual Experience

In recent months, our nation has received a glimpse into how deep health disparities run. Issues like employment, access to care and housing and food insecurity have taken center stage for underserved populations.


Modern Healthcare’s social determinants virtual experience provides you new knowledge and in-depth insights for improving the health your community.

Hear from dozens of experts during 6 sessions and learn:

  • Key drivers of health and health outcomes through best practices, programs and initiatives

  • How to meet basic human needs and advance health equity by elevating social health to the same level and physical and mental health

  • How to ensure health equity for the individuals you serve from the comfort of your home or office

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For more info, contact:

Jodi Sniegocki

Education and Events Director