9:20 a.m. - 10:20 a.m.

Social Determinants and Integrated Community Care: Learnings from the Jackson, Michigan State Innovation Model (SIM)

Health providers, community agencies, insurers and consumers came together to design and build the Jackson, Michigan State Innovation Model (SIM) that is operating a successful integrated care network to address social determinants. Results show reduced cost with improved patient outcomes and quality of life. This panel of health
leaders will share insights and discuss the rapidly evolving environment solutions and integrated care platforms.



Michael Klinkman, MD

Professor, Department of Family

Medicine and Professor, Learning

Health Sciences, University of Michigan Medical School, Director, Great Lakes Research into Practice Network, Medical Director, Jackson Health Network

Dr Marcella Wilson_WEB.jpg

Marcella Wilson

President and Founder

Transition to Success

Stephen Shaya_WEB.jpg

Stephen Shaya, MD

Medical Director

J&B Medical Supply

Amelia Quelas_WEB.jpg

Amelia Quelas

Chief Strategy Officer

Health Net Connect