2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Better Together: Addressing Loneliness Through a Holistic Approach to Social Connectedness

Medical research shows that loneliness and social isolation are associated with a wide range of illnesses, including cardiac, neurologic and psychiatric illnesses, as well as poor overall health
outcomes including increased risk of mortality. There is no single intervention which has emerged as a “silver bullet,” but we know that a holistic approach which addresses an individual’s social
well-being is an important way to help positively impact loneliness and social isolation.

Key topics:

How loneliness and social isolation impact overall health and the link with social determinants of health

Unique ways different organizations are tackling social isolation, including access to exercise, food and other social services

Why partnerships are important in addressing total health of individuals

Real examples of what is working at the community level to address social isolation and increase social connectedness


C Lim headshot_WEB.jpg

Christopher Lim, MD

Senior Clinical Advisor

Aetna, a CVS Company


Carter Florence_WEB.jpg

Carter Florence

Senior Director, Strategy and Impact

Meals on Wheels

E Rula headshot 1_WEB.jpg

Elizabeth Rula, PhD

Executive Director, Research

Tivity Health


Brooke Wilson

Head of Engagement and Resources for Living

Aetna Behavioral Health