1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m.

Building the Narrative: Addressing and Advancing Policy for Social Determinants of Health

To ensure that the social determinants of health become permanent and understood factors in overall health outcomes and health delivery, new policies that support that goal are increasingly more necessary. Many pieces of legislation have been introduced that include various aspects of addressing the social determinants, but the topic needs further understanding in all sectors. This session includes ideas and innovations to drive the impact of social determinants of health forward.


Topics include:

  • “Health in All Policies” to incorporate health considerations into decision making across sectors and policy areas

  • Implementing cross-sector strategies to improve health in neighborhoods or communities with poor health outcomes

  • The latest delivery and payment reform initiatives within Medicaid

  • Current legislation and its impact on SDoH



Barbara Petee

Executive Director

The Root Cause Coalition



Chris Mitchell

Executive Vice President, Advocacy and Public Affairs

Michigan Health & Hospital Association


Randy Oostra

President and Chief Executive Officer



Ashley Perry

Senior Vice President

Socially Determined


Andrew Renda, MD

Associate Vice President, Population Health