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Strategies for

Building New Revenue Streams

Investing in new revenue streams is now standard practice for hospitals facing squeezed operating margins and lower reimbursement rates. A new study from Partners HealthCare and healthcare private equity firm Fitzroy Health found that ninety percent of hospital and health system executives indicated that new revenue streams were an urgent Learn how hospitals can pursue a combination of cost-cutting and revenue growth initiatives.


Key topics:

  • Aligning new endeavors with an organization's broader mission

  • Developing commercial-grade  what does this mean? offerings to improve revenue

  • Utilizing data to determine if an endeavor fits within the target market

  • Examining opportunities, defining goals and establishing milestones for each investment

  • Increasing margins through diversification strategies for non-operating income


Heather Wall

Chief Commercial Officer

Civica Rx

Richard Zane, MD

Chief Innovation Officer