1:15 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Telehealth as a Strategic Asset

for Increasing Patient Engagement

Providers are on a mission to transform the patient experience and improve outcomes through telehealth, developing integrated strategies for adopting these technologies and lowering costs, improving quality outcomes and enhancing the patient experience. Telehealth adoption moves forward when consumers are at the center of their own health care — maximizing the power of virtual care, providing care when and where they need it.  This panel will discuss the next generation of telehealth applications, capabilities and technologies that are improving patients’ experiences and outcomes, and creating greater access to quality healthcare. 


Key topics:

  • The future patient experience in telehealth

  • Combining innovation with quality improvement

  • Telehealth in behavioral health settings: utilization, opportunities, and challenges

  • Consumer experience enhancement  

  • Ensuring quality while providing convenience